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A gif showing a Brompton folding and unfolding

Why Brompton



Not like other bikes. Bromptons are made different. We engineer an efficient solution for moving
around the city and beyond. Ours is a bike that does more than the obvious, it answers problems owners say they didn't know they had.


‘You don’t get Brompton until you get a Brompton.’

VeloBarber, NYC 
VeloBarber, NYC 
‘It's a transformer’
‘I have clients all over the city… now I have this compact, Swiss-army knife transformer, I just flip it and go in and out of each building, it’s a breeze, it makes life easier. I love the freedom I have to roam anywhere.’
A rear view of VeloBarber riding his Brompton on a New York city street
Camille pushing her Brompton C Line Mid in a Eurostar train station
Camille, Paris
Camille, Paris
‘It's more than a bike’
‘In Paris, people often ask me ‘what is it’? A folding bike, how beautiful.’ And it is. It’s refined and is beautiful…It’s more than a bike, more than a means of transportation, it’s part of my life for sure and part of my future.’ 
Tom Trago towing hisTurkish Green Brompton Electric in the streets of Amsterdam
Travels on rush hour trains, metros, underground, overground, car trunks and cabs
Goes the distance
Heinz Stucke, the most well-travelled man on earth (according to the Guinness Book of Records), spent over 50 years cycling across196 countries. He explored around 60,000 km on his Brompton bike. Every Brompton frame comes with a 7-year warranty. And our ongoing commitment to 'access to parts' means you can keep your bike on the road for longer. Upgrade or upkeep. Repair or maintain.
Heinz Stucke standing between his tent and Brompton placed against a roll of hay
A close up of a Brompton C Line in Racing Green placed in a car boot
Goes anywhere
The Brompton folds down into a small compact package that stays locked together. In under 20-seconds. They're welcome on rush-hour trains - no need to book. Inside small car boots. Taxis, boats, ferries, trams, buses. Take them into meetings, cafes, libraries, supermarkets. The functional design adapts to your day, moving with you inside and out.
A close up of a brazer brazing near the bottom bracket of a Brompton frame
Built to last
The frame is the foundation of every bike. For over 40 years, we've hand-built, and quality assured ours in our London Factory. Using over 1200 parts in the final assembly, each designed, engineered, and sourced by us. This is how we achieve the unique 'fold and ride' characteristics across every bike. And make sure they reach the high-quality standard we hold ourselves to.
“The Brompton Electric is a joy. It’s not shy about handing over power on inclines, rocketing you up steep hills with next to no effort, and it’s buttery smooth at cruising speeds along flat cycle paths.”
The Independent
“The runaround class of car has met its match. With driving in cities becoming a huge hassle, using a bike to get around is increasingly attractive, and the Brompton Electric is definitively the best for serving this need.”
Coach Logo
“Whichever you choose, the folding mechanism is smooth and easy to operate, and creates one of the smallest collapsed packages available – it’s really quite brilliant.”
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Brompton Electric Recall Australia

Objects may get trapped between the bike's mudguard and the tyre. If this occurs this can cause the bike wheel to stop abruptly. Owners of the affected product should return the product to their local Brompton store or Brompton Electric Accredited Retailer to arrange a replacement mudguard.

Find out if your bike is affected
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